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Taller sobre Datos, Medición y Monitorización

09:40. 20-09-2017


Chairman: Carlos Bernabéu. CEO. Arborea Intellbird

How to make wind energy more profitable and reliable using TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) 
Axel Juhl. CEO. Gram & Juhl

Bringing condition monitoring to the next level; successful expertise gained from detecting thousands of wind turbine faults
Ivaylo Dragiev. Diagnostic Engineer Remote Monitoring GroupBrüel & Kjær

Retrofit with FT sensors at El Toranzo Wind Farm.
David Ponsá. Account Director Southern EuropeFT Technologies

OEM independent SCADA solution for multibrand/-tech purpose
Christian Daather. Sales Director. SCADA International

Boost wind farm profitability with smart automated operations
Alejandro Cabrera. CEO. GREENEAGLE





















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