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Conferences and events 2018

Date Place Organizer Title
9th of October Madrid (Spain) AEE 3rd International Summit on Wind Farms´ Life Extension
26th and 27th of June Madrid (Spain) AEE 4th Spanish Wind Power Congress
21st of February Madrid (Spain) AEE Wind power and the electricity market 2018

Conferences and events 2017

Date Place Organizer Title
25th of October Madrid (Spain) AEE Breakfast meeting on India´s new Fiscal Reform
19th and 20th of September Madrid (Spain) AEE 2nd International Summit on Wind Farms Life Extension
20th and 21st of June Madrid (Spain) AEE 3rd Spanish Wind Power Congress
10th of May Madrid (Spain) AEE Circular economy in the wind energy sector

Conferences and events 2016

Date Place Organizer Title
14th and 15th of November Tenerife, Canary Islands AEE The challenges for the wind power industry in the Canary Islands
22nd and 23rd of September Madrid AEE Life extension challenges and solutions for operating wind farms
28th and 29th of June Madrid (Spain) AEE 2nd Spanish Wind Power Congress

Conferences and events 2015

Date Place Organizer Title
24 de Noviembre Madrid (España) AEE Meeting between the wind energy industry and the financial sector
24th of September Madrid (Spain) AEE Blades: design, manufacture, verification/diagnosis, maintenance and recycling
22nd and 23rd of June Madrid AEE I SPANISH WIND POWER CONGRESS

Conferences and events 2014

Date Place Organizer Title
18 de Diciembre AEE AEE Meeting with Inter-American Development Bank
3rd and 4th of November Las Palmas (Canary Islands) AEE Wind energy in the Canary Islands
21st and 22nd October Madrid (Spain) AEE Technical Conferences 2014
10th of June Madrid (Spain) AEE Wind Energy Convention 2014
12th of March Barcelona (Spain) AEE 3rd European Wind Energy Summit on Health & Safety

Conferences and events 2013

Date Place Organizer Title
21 de Noviembre Madrid (España) AEE Investment opportunities in the wind power sector in Australia
12th of November Madrid AEE Investment opportunities in the wind energy sector in Canada
24th and 26th of November Zaragoza (Spain) AEE Technical Conferences 2013
12th and 13th of June Madrid (Spain) AEE Wind Energy Convention 2013

Conferences and events 2012

Date Place Organizer Title
30 de Octubre Madrid AEE Regional taxes on wind energy
16 de Octubre Madrid (España) AEE VII REOLTEC General Assembly
September 26 - 27 Madrid (Spain) AEE Technical Conferences 2012
June 27 Madrid (Spain) AEE Regulatory models for wind energy
12 al 13 de Junio Madrid AEE Wind Energy Convention 2012

Conferences and events 2011

Date Place Organizer Title
December 14 Madrid AEE Grid Integration Seminar. TECHWINDGRID 2011
30th November Madrid AEE VI REOLTEC General Assembly
October 26 - 27 Pamplona (Spain) AEE II European Meeting on Risk Prevention
September 27 - 29 Zaragoza (Spain) AEE AEE Technical Conferences in Wind Power Expo 2011
June 7 - 8 Madrid AEE Wind Energy Convention 2011
May 11 - 13 Madrid (Spain) AEE AEE Conference in GENERA 2011
February 23 Madrid (Spain) AEE V REOLTEC General Assembly

Conferences and events 2010

Date Place Organizer Title
December 15 Madrid (Spain) AEE Presentation CAEOL Project
December 1 - 2 Madrid (Spain) AEE AEE Technical Conferences
November 8 - 9 Las Palmas (Canary Islands) AEE Grid integration: Solutions for high wind power penetration in insular systems
October 25 Madrid (Spain) AEE Wind Power and the Electrical Market
October 7 Madrid (Spain) AEE Wind Barriers Presentation
June 17 Madrid (Spain) AEE Technological Conference REOLTEC
June 15 - 16 Madrid (Spain) AEE Wind Energy Convention 2010
May 19 - 21 Madrid (Spain) AEE Wind Energy Conference and REVE Conference in GENERA 2010

Conferences and events 2009

Date Place Organizer Title
November 16 - 20 Sao Paulo (Brasil) AEE Technical Conference
October 13 Pamplona (Spain) AEE Technical conference on risk assessment in the wind energy sector
September 22 - 24 Zaragoza (Spain) AEE AEE Technical Conferences in Wind PowerExpo
June 8 - 9 Madrid (Spain) AEE Wind Energy Convention 2009
April 20 - 21 Madrid (Spain) AEE TECHWINDGRID´09, Grid Integration Seminar
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