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Wind energy in Spain

Despite the zero increase of installed power in 2015 (0 MW). wind energy has been the third source of electrical generation in Spain in 2015. Spain is the fifth country in the world in terms of installed wind power after China, the US, Germany and India.

Basic data

Installed wind capacity was 22,988 MW by 31th of December 2015


Wind energy was the system´s third technology in 2015, with a generation of 48,209 GWh, and a cover of the electrical demand of 18%

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22,468 people work in the sector in our country





The industry exports technology worth 2.9 billion euros per year

España exportó


It invests around 85.5 million euros annually in R&D

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It contributes direct and indirectly 2.7 billion euros to GDP, a 0.25%


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