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Zero wind power megawatts installed in Spain in the first half of 2015

The lack of activity in the domestic market endangers both the Government’s Energy Plan and compliance with 2020 European objectives. Spain is the OECD country that has registered a bigger growth in fossil fuel generation in the first four months; the electricity sector CO2 emissions have increased by 116%.


Blades: design, manufacture, verification/diagnosis, maintenance and recycling
24th of September

AEE responds to the interest detected among wind power companies organizing the first event in Spain dedicated exclusively to blades. Taking a practical approach, this event will include the participation of senior experts

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Wind Energy in Spain
Mapa AEE Castilla-León

Wind energy covers the electricity consumption of 10 million households.
The industry´s exports are worth over 1,8 billion euros.
It employs over 27,000 people.
It avoids the emission of around 22 million tonnes of C02 per year.

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